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We have a few different options for those of you looking to drop-in for a workout at The Annex...

Considering joining...

No fee! Come in for a workout and see if The Annex is a good fit for you. 


I'm visiting from out of town... 

We just ask for your support! Whatever you can do... bring in $10, $20, buy some apparel, bring us a Starbucks gift card, a shirt from your gym. Whatever it is, we appreciate it!


I want to come workout but I'm not ready for a membership...

If you're looking to become a Frequent Flyer, we have a few packages available for purchase! Click the link below to find the best Class Pack for you...

Image by Scott Webb

The Annex

1053 E. Edna Pl. Covina, CA 91724

Whichever type of drop-in you are, please be sure you complete our liability waiver and book a class in advance.


We look forward to seeing you!

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